The Custom On-Demand Education Experience

Rich MillerVice President, Creative Director



I love buying Apple products—more specifically, I enjoy buying iPods, iPhones, and iPads. But, then again, who doesn’t?

Apple’s online store isn’t too dissimilar from other online shopping sites. You compare models, choose a size, and select colors (ooh, Space Gray!) Sure, it has Apple’s familiarly simple interface, but the real magic comes when the "personalize your product with free engraving" screen pops up.

These two little lines let the world know that this sleek little marvel is mine because it says so right there in the laser engraving.

The engraved name, so small, yet so personal, is a unique touch that allows an impersonal transaction to transform into a unique and lasting experience. This one step allows me to feel even more engaged with my product and the brand.

This dynamic is part of what makes our CODE™ (Custom On-Demand Education) program successful. CODE™ can take on several forms, but the beauty of it lies in the customization and experience it offers. Using an iPad (engraved, no doubt) app, CODE™provides representatives an opportunity to start a truly engaging dialogue with physicians.

By walking through the simple drag-and-drop navigation, the representative and physician can build patient education materials that are relevant to a physician’s patient population. In 7 to 10 days, the finished material will arrive at the office with the physician’s name and information printed on it.

The personalization is a small touch, but it helps to keep communication open between the patient and physician.

The CODE™ program is just one of the many unique solutions that Artcraft Health offers for patient education. It’s through the small, customizable features such as name, practice information, and patient-specific information that we help bridge the dialogue gap and bring patients and physicians closer in creating an effective treatment plan that best meets the patients’ needs.