Patient Education: The Perfect Story

Mobile health is here to stay, but that doesn’t mean it’s not facing some challenges. The lack of effective applications and website resources is only one of the challenges that mobile health is facing. Many of those that are available do not demonstrate a proper balance between graphical design and instructional content. Often, that content is difficult for most patients, healthcare providers, and others to understand or is otherwise not useful. So how can patients walk away remembering valuable information regarding their health? Patient education, of course.

The Artcraft Health creative department creates beautiful motion graphic animations that tell a story from start to finish. Storytelling allows the creative team to convey all of the Artcraft Health CARE™ principles (clear, actionable, relevant, and engaging) and make sure the audience is top of mind.

Artcraft Health’s in-house content department collaborates with the creative team on the front end of storytelling. Together, both departments can take complex information and simplify it down to a level where it can be easily understood for all patients. Once they make the information patient friendly, they can create the perfect story. This is a key part of patient storytelling and patient education.

At Artcraft Health, the creative team, fueled by animation and content, strives to deliver more educational and inviting materials to their target audiences. Their goal every day is to ensure both patients and physicians are better prepared and informed than ever before.