Does your pharma marketing team have a digital component?

Does your pharma marketing team have a digital component?

Pharma marketing campaigns are as varied as the solutions they represent, but when you research them for similarities one truth appears over and over again — they are increasingly digital. Yes, even pharma, with all its rules and regulations, is plowing ahead with digital marketing. In fact, research shows the industry is embracing the power of digital marketers more than you might expect.

According to the report: “Pharma Digital Marketing Innovation: Service, Measurement & Investment Trends to Maximize Customer Impact,” digital marketers are enjoying a kind of industry boom in today’s pharma environment. The research shows that the average team size will jump 16 percent, growing from 4.5 employees to 5.2. These figures represent full-time employees, or FTEs. Of those FTEs, a full 10 percent will be classified as digital marketing professionals. These statistics are from a survey that collected the answers of 48 respondents spread across 42 companies. The field included large pharmaceutical firms and mid or small medical device or biotech businesses.

Understanding the importance of digital marketing

So why is there so much push for this additional digital marketing presence? The answer is simple: That’s where the customers are.

In today’s market, consumers — be they patients, the patient’s loved ones, or even caregivers — are turning toward the Internet for resources and information on health-related topics. And when they conduct that research, it is often done on the mobile device resting in the palm of their hand.

According to the Pew Research Center, 52 percent of smartphone owners have used the device to access medical or health information and 19 percent have even taken the next step to download an app. And these figures are only expected to climb as the increasingly digital-savvy generations age.

These are the consumers digital marketing professionals are tasked with reaching, and with just 140 characters per tweet on Twitter, sometimes the task can be daunting.

What makes a successful digital marketing campaign?

Twitter’s restrictions are certainly hindering but they offer an essential blueprint for the messages digital marketing professionals are tasked with delivering to an ever-moving audience. If you’ve ever heard the statistic that the average attention span of a goldfish is only nine seconds, don’t laugh. Research shows ours is only eight.

To reach consumers effectively, digital marketers are tasked with saying as much as they can in as little space as possible — something Twitter's format coaches them to do. They’re also skilled at assigning the right platform to fit the message and linking back to supplemental resources. Because while consumers don’t stay on one site for very long, they do love to take deeper dives and find new resources.

Lastly, successful digital marketing is adept at grasping the special opportunities digital marketing offers while never forgetting the unique environment that is pharma. It’s a relationship perfectly symbolized by a FDA-approved Tweet that must capture all of the necessary information in 140 characters or fewer. And if you can pull it off, pat yourself on the back. Because the digital marketing revolution has come to pharma, and you are ready.

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