Creative Empathy


Creative |krēˈātiv|


Relating to or involving the imagination or original ideas


Empathy |ˈempəTHē|


The ability to understand and share the feelings of another


At Artcraft Health Clinical Trials, we understand that choosing to participate in a clinical trial is not a small decision for any patient or caregiver. It’s a personal choice that could potentially have a big impact on a person's health and well-being.

As the creative team, we are dedicated to designing a campaign that not only captures the essence of a clinical trial but also engages and builds the trust of patients and caregivers. Whether it’s recruitment, retention, or compliance, we think about the patient and caregiver first.


We reach potential trial participants with engaging graphics that complement clear, educational, and actionable messaging. The colors, fonts, images, and illustrations are chosen specifically to invite patients into the clinical trial.

In each clinical trial, we guide patients and caregivers with an understanding of what they may be going through emotionally and physically. We ensure that all aspects of the trial, including the possible benefits, risks, and requirements are explained clearly and concisely and that the participants are comfortable with them.


We also carefully consider how to support clinical trial professionals tasked with patient recruitment and retention. We create custom solutions designed to help make their job easier and meet their study goals. Through clinical trial branding, we visually communicate their level of commitment to research and dedication to medical advancements.


As with many clinical trials that can last for years, our materials are designed not only to attract potential participants but also to help build trust that empowers people to stay enrolled for the duration of the trial.

Artcraft Health Clinical Trials: Building Trust.

Our designs visually communicate these key messages: we understand what you are going through, you are supported and valued by your clinical trial team, and we are grateful for your time and participation.