Creating Life Long Learning Through Specialty Camps

Samantha RebaJunior Writer



Every child deserves to go to camp regardless of the medical issues they might have. Artcraft Health Education, through its partnerships with pharmaceutical companies and educational materials, helps make it possible for children with hemophilia, asthma, diabetes, and cancer to be able to have a camp experience, away from their hospital beds and worried parents.

At these specialty camps, children work with certified counselors who are trained in the specific illness areas. The directors work one-on-one with the children. Children up to the age 14 get the chance to spend time with other children who have the same medical needs. These camps are where friendships can be made and independence and understanding can be born. Children are taught about their diseases and how to take control of their bodies and illnesses.

These camps are based on a structure that is supported by specialized programs and educational materials, created by Artcraft Health Education. Artcraft Health Education makes the materials informative, fun, and easy to understand.

These camps are the perfect opportunity for Artcraft Health Education writers to add in a little fun. “It’s a chance to be creative,” said Tom Savonick, Medical Writer and lead writer on specialty camp content. Tom has come up with creative ways for campers with hemophilia to start thinking about their future careers and has been able to incorporate an original game of hacky sack into a camp curriculum. The game involved a group of children kicking around a woven, fabric ball filled with soft beads to one another.

Through these sponsored camps, pharmaceutical companies can show their compassion and create a connection with camper’s parents or guardians. These camps allow children to have fun while learning to use tools that will help them for the rest of their lives.

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