Constructing an Animated Infographic


Animated infographics are nothing new to the world of animation, but with the new advancements and tactics in the digital-centric world of patient education, they’re gaining traction and much deserved attention and respect.

An infographic is a visual image that is made up of a chart, diagram, or image that is used to represent specific information or compiled data. With the introduction of animation, infographics have become a compelling, attention grabbing concept that is easy to follow and understand for patients of all ages with varying disease states.

An infographic animation allows patients, healthcare providers, and caregivers to understand a complex process through the telling of a memorable story that can be carried through the learning experience. It’s an easy way to remember and retain important information through an interactive and engaging approach.

As pharmaceutical companies are navigating their way into the mobile health realm, a well-designed infographic animation provides a highly engaging solution to educate patients, caregivers and HCPs on disease states, dosing, compliance, and just about anything!

At Artcraft Health, we find that an infographic animation works best when it is “short and sweet” and captures the audience immediately. When it is too lengthy and indirect, the moving text, images, music, and/or voiceover can become tiresome for the viewer and turn viewers off of the overall message and story.

Our in-house team of client services, medical writers, designers, and animators collaborate closely to create a message that strikes just the right tune with the appropriate patient population through a careful selection of messages, fonts, colors, graphics, music, and pacing.

From the project kickoff to delivering the final project to the client, our goal, along with our structured process and trademarked CARE principles, allows us to create consistent quality on each targeted solution.

Client engagement is crucial in the creation of a great infographic animation. From the moment the project is kicked off, our team interacts closely with our clients to achieve their objectives, reach their audience, meet their timelines, and exceed their expectations. We are also experts at navigating the medical legal review process.

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