Brand a clinical trial—what?

Lynn Altmaier, BS, BSN, RN, MSContent Director, Clinical Trials



With approximately 162,059 clinical trials going on throughout the world to find new ways to prevent, diagnose, and treat disease, how do you differentiate your study from the rest? If your product is not currently in the market and you offer no promise of benefit, why would anyone want to participate in your study? And, if by chance there is interest, how do the clinical objectives of your trial translate into a meaningful experience?

Recruitment for clinical trials can be challenging, to say the least. Approximately 86% of clinical trials in the United States are delayed because of problems with recruitment, which cost sponsors millions of dollars each day. Retention is also a challenge, since participants are always at risk of discontinuing a trial because of unmet expectations or treatment-related adverse effects, among other reasons. In view of these hurdles, it is clear that the success of a trial depends on a comprehensive and detailed recruitment and retention strategy that both engages prospective study participants and supports and educates them throughout all stages of a clinical trial.

Effective marketing to eligible patients is particularly important, since enrollment is voluntary. It begins with a comprehensive campaign incorporating a unique logo, an engaging look and feel, and consistent key messaging, all designed to differentiate your study from other trials and establish an identity that is recognized and credible—and encourages loyalty and commitment. With this approach, your trial takes on a personality that people can identify with, react to, and act on.

In addition, you must have a dedicated, informed site staff who know your study inside and out. With sites managing multiple trials, often for the same disease state, it is essential that you have brand recognition to keep your trial top-of-mind. Providing a campaign of resources to educate healthcare providers and site staff about your study will help them in their recruitment efforts and help you meet your study objectives.

At Artcraft Health Clinical Trials, we understand the challenges of managing a clinical trial and have a team of inspiring minds who provide creative solutions to help you achieve your goals, from recruitment to retention. Our team is dedicated to educating and supporting patients, participants, families, and site staff with effective and informative multimedia initiatives that reinforce your clinical objectives and ensure your trial’s success. We work with you to create a comprehensive marketing strategy that appeals to all stakeholders and clearly communicates your study objectives in a meaningful way. We understand what motivates your target audience and customize solutions specific to their needs. We engage them with imagery and messaging that creates a sense of opportunity, hope, and connection to something greater than themselves.

We reinforce this vision with education that explains in simple language why your study is important and how they can help. We address participants’ concerns, anxiety, and expectations in a language they can understand. Through education, we establish trust in your brand and help people connect with your study. Whether it’s calling a site to speak to a study coordinator or accessing a website for more information, we are one step closer to recruitment and meeting your trial objectives.