Best ways health care marketers can step up

Despite having the latest and greatest technology in the business, health care marketing can sometimes seem outdated and overdone. As a result, it's hurting the health care industry as companies lose business. Luckily, there are a few simple steps marketers can take to get back on track. Consider these updated marketing techniques to help your health care company succeed.

Create an online presence
If you don't already have one, it's time to develop an online presence. Each day, the health care industry is becoming more patient-centric, and more patients are going online to do their research before making a health care-related decision. Approximately more than 40 percent of people use an online resource to make decisions on physicians, medications and more. There are thousands of reviews on facilities and health care companies, so it's time to get involved. Look through these reviews and see what people are saying. Comment back to calm and soothe aggravated patients. When patients believe you're emotionally invested, you'll develop a more positive image.

"40% of patients use an online resource to make health care decisions."

Connect with customers
Customer connection is critical in brand development. If customers don't feel in touch with a company, they aren't going to use it, Fierce Healthcare noted. Whenever you're creating a marketing campaign, think of the customer and his or her needs. Use a personal edge to make it relatable, such as sharing stories from real patients who succeeded under your care.

Look at the numbers
Many companies will only emphasize the things that they are doing right, and will neglect what they are doing wrong. Instead, it's important to take a comprehensive approach. Look into numbers involving patient satisfaction, physician performance and patient volume to determine what your company is doing right and where it needs to be fixed before creating a marketing agenda.