Our Enthusiasm knows no bounds

Meet a few enthusiasts!

With us, it’s personal

We love what we do because we love who we’re doing it for—the patient.

We take the time to understand patients and the unique journey that they are on. The patient always has a name and a story to tell—just like us!

We're enthusiastic about not only the skills and expertise we bring to the table but also the passions we grow and nurture outside the walls of our office.

The team

  • Copywriters (medical and conceptual)

  • Art directors

  • Medical illustrators/illustrators

  • Web and software developers

  • Animators (2D/3D)

  • Multimedia production (print, digital, video)

  • Client services


Mary Testa

VP, Creative Director
Clinical Trial Enthusiast/Culinary Enthusiast

Mary’s instinctive graphic design skills help her develop powerful visual identities and educational tools that assist patients in finding and understanding life-changing clinical trials. Her artistic abilities extend into the kitchen, where she spices things up by cooking the most creative culinary dishes.

Gene Lysko

Senior Medical Writer
Writing Enthusiast/Motorcycle Adventure Enthusiast

Gene’s depth of knowledge and experience runs deep, and his passion for patient-centric writing is driven by stakeholder insights that inform the development of behavior-modifying content. As for an insight into Gene—his other passion is riding and making every ride an adventure!


Daria_bio pic.jpg

Daria Kissenberth

Creative Director
Creative Enthusiast/Equestrian Enthusiast

Daria’s fresh, creative solutions and crisp educational designs help patients and brands experience better outcomes and win prestigious industry awards. But on the weekends, it’s all about her horse Milo and outcomes that produce hunter-jumper show trophies!

Bob Gherardi

Senior Art Director
Demo Device Enthusiast/Fine Art Painting Enthusiast

Bob’s skills in creating dimensional artwork for training and demo devices help educate patients and professionals so they can achieve the best results. His artistic passion extends into fine art painting that is showcased in galleries across the country and in various books and magazines.



Brandon Keehner

Director of Medical Illustration and Animation
Animation Enthusiast/Painting Enthusiast

Brandon’s specialized background in science and art, combined with the use of sophisticated 3D software and technology, helps him simplify and communicate complex ideas that educate patients and HCPs. After work, it’s back to creating traditional oil paintings like the old masters.

Bill Whitehead

Director of Technology
Technology Enthusiast/Reading Enthusiast

Bill’s vast experience in multiple technological disciplines helps guide creative and software teams in creating rich, educational Web and mobile applications for patients and HCPs. When he’s not behind his laptop, he unplugs with a good book and a strong cup of coffee.

Bill W.jpg

Todd 2.jpg

Todd zimmermann

Vice President, Integrated Solutions
Client Services Enthusiast/Fishing Enthusiast

Todd works with our team to develop creatively designed educational campaigns that help Sponsors and CROs with recruitment, retention and compliance, and help patients build the skills, knowledge and confidence they need to participate in clinical studies. In his off hours, Todd’s passion to ‘reel in and retain’ shifts to fishing—from Catfish in local creeks to Sailfish in Guatemala.



AHE Lobby.jpg

Designed for creative collaboration


Artcraft Health is located in the Feed Mill Station, a unique and creative space in Flemington, New Jersey, smack in the middle of the Liberty Village shopping outlets. The building started its life in the late 1940s as a feed mill for local agriculture. The “station” in its name comes from the adjacent stop on the Black River and Western Railroad that still chugs along between Flemington and Ringoes.

Everything about our workplace was designed to help deliver highly creative solutions

  • Open floor plan that encourages cross-functional collaboration

  • High-tech conference and lounge areas

  • Focus room for conducting market research

  • A full gym