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Trial turbine: Social media powers up recruiting and disseminating

Now that social media has become a primary way for patients to shop around for healthcare, clinical trial managers may be missing the boat if they’re not optimizing it to…

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Empathy 101: In the age of healthcare tech, it means even more

While empathy has always been an important trait among healthcare professionals, studies show it’s due to become a competitive differentiator as AI allows more healthcare roles to be turned over…

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Seek hard and soft skills in the ideal trial manager

Putting the right person in charge of a clinical trial can mean the difference between a highly productive trial and a waste of time, money and resources. Yet finding the…

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Thinking beyond: Ideas you may not have thought of for keeping trialists

While much publicity is given to the difficulty of recruiting viable participants for clinical trials, sometimes the medical world gives less attention to the difficulty of patient retention. Forte Research…

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Hype or hope? Managing patient expectations for your next trial

Perhaps the best part about the clinical trial process is being able to observe the excitement and hope after promising drugs — especially therapies that could help a great deal…

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Managing the stress of negative clinical trial results

The good news: The worldwide success rate of clinical trials is finally rising again, after falling from 2004 to 2011. The bad news: That doesn’t necessarily make the failures easier…

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Gauging your page: Can Facebook solve clinical trial recruitment?

As many in the clinical trial world struggle to recruit anywhere near the number of participants they need, others are finding success through Facebook advertising and posts. Though the number…

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Just getting started? Preclinical stage means time to engage

An old saying notes that the early bird gets the worm. Because that holds true in the world of clinical trials, savvy trial managers are ramping up their engagement with…

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8 reasons to start your clinical trial after diagnosis

While many patients don’t participate in clinical trials until they exhaust other options, the truth is there’s no reason to wait. After all, trial participants are treated with the best…

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Got game? 4 ways gamification assists clinical trials

Multiple industries are taking a cue from the video gaming industry

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