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Fishing for physicians? Consider social media for your healthcare marketing

As the world of healthcare advertising becomes frustrated by…

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Lost in translation: Medical vendors seek better patient education

Overall, pharmaceutical companies and other professionals seem to have a hard time conveying …

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The future is here: Artificial intelligence and clinical trials

Prognosticators expect robots, drones and medical artificial intelligence (AI) to play a more prevalent role in clinical trials this year, thanks to…

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Bio in a box: UPS and FedEx act to improve global specimen shipment

The clinical trial world is waiting to see how improvements in the shipping of biological specimens might expand the efficiency and success of trials worldwide. U.S.-based parcel carriers FedEx and…

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Europe now publishing clinical trial reports. Will the U.S. follow suit?

Now that a European drug regulatory agency has begun disclosing…

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Scoring goals: 4 ways pharma can boost New Year's resolutions

Each year 45 percent of Americans make New Year’s resolutions, while only 8 percent achieve their goals. Why? It all boils down to a lack of planning about how we’ll handle the…

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Must-have apps for use in your next clinical trial

Clinical trials involve a variety of challenges. Patients are difficult to recruit and they often drop out, and…

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Clinical trials and today's technology: Wearables

The challenges of clinical trials start with their recruitment difficulties, proceed through…

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Optimizing SMS: The next, text thing in clinical trial communications

The challenges of clinical trials start with their recruitment difficulties…

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Research quantifies non-adherence to diabetes therapies

In spite of Type 2 diabetes’ ranking as the seventh-leading cause of…

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